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Upcoming Solo Exhibition:

2nd July 2022, Vins Gallery, Taipei

Arkiv Vilmansa

Arkiv Vilmansa (b.1979 in Bandung) is an Indonesian contemporary artist. Known for his cartoon characters inspired painting which emphasized two-dimensional forms and bold outline with vivid and vibrant colours. Arkiv’s work visually influenced by street art, toys, fashion, nature and subculture with childhood memories as his anchor. Trained as an architect, Arkiv found his work ethic and method to be more structured and critical while able to kept his artistic expression raw and liberating. Driven by curiosity and love for visual arts, Arkiv explore boundaries of paints and paintings. Resulted in various medium and unique visual works that ranges from painting, toys, prints and sculpture. In 2017 Arkiv’s discover formula to control painting surface and paint texture. For three years vibrant and vivid colors, organic shapes and various different canvas shapes, surface and paint textures have been his signature as he choose to explore non-figurative painting. Arkiv embody his newly found discovery in his cartoon character painting. His colors, shapes, lines gleaned and influenced from creative geniuses in the industry that he respect the most Takashi Murakami and nigo.

For almost 20 years of his artistic career working, collaborating with multinational art gallery, company and brand such as IKEA, Volkswagen, ASTRA, OPPO, RWB and many more. Arkiv has always been true and humbled to his roots and inspiration by supporting and cultivating different communities through his social media.

His works are also sought after by major art collector and art patron in the region.

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