IKEA Sweden x ARKIV, IKEA Art Event 2018



The fourth series of IKEA Art Event continues to make art affordable for everyone while exploring the imaginative world connected to figurines.


Many of us were enthusiastic collectors as children, fascinated by all kinds of treasures: stamps, shells from the beach, stickers or toys. IKEA wondered how one-of-a-kind figurines could invite that playfulness and imagination again, at any age.

For this year’s limited-edition series of IKEA Art Event, the fourth of its kind, IKEA has invited artists Arkiv Vilmansa, James Jarvis, Joe Ledbetter, Junko Mizuno, Ludvig Löfgren, Michael Lau and Nathan Jurevicius to the Målerås glass factory in southern Sweden to create contemporary glass figurines.


“We want to celebrate the amazing world of art collectibles and the imaginative universe connected to figurines, how they spark our fantasy, represent everyday and turn it upside down with fun and playfulness,” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader for the upcoming collection.

VOLKSWAGEN MANILA x ARKIV, Special Art Philippines Project 2017


"Luminous Landscape" is the development of ideas and exploration of paint through Arkiv Vilmansa's passion for architectural
landscape, the vibrant colors of cartoons, and his religious endeavor.


This new series is inspired by the pilgrimage of Prophet
Muhammad SAW and his companions. A journey undertaken for a religious purpose, to free the Self from sins and to move towards virtue.
Topographic images recreated with fluid lines coursing through the canvas with intent and harmony.

In the color rythm and tonal transisition he reveals the intensity of light from dark to bright and, by eliminating details his paintings become
seemingly luminous. Arkivs own pilgrimage journey brings him to a new chapter remapping his existance in relation to the law of the creator.

ARKIV for VANS (Prototype) part of the "Aftermath" Axhibition in Los Angeles

UPCOMING Solo Exhibition : "Anachronic Resonance", Vinyl on vinyl Gallery, Manila, Philippines

Opening : 11Th April 2019

Exhibition runs: 11th April - 1st May 2019

For more info please visit www.vinylonvinylgallery.com

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